On 13 0f May 2013 students of 4th standard visited post office at palampur and know about the proceedings and working at the post office that how letters distributed to the various parts of the region.

Tour for plus two , plus one and tenth class on 23rd Oct. to 27th Oct. 2013 (kullu manali)

Rongoli and cards making competition on 31 Oct. 2013

Girls will make rangoli with different colors and boys will make Diwali cards

School will close due to Diwali holidays from 1 Nov to 6 Nov. 2013

Sports day on 9th Nov 2013 for classes 6th to 12th

Unit test for FA3 will be started from 22 Nov 2013

2nd Terminal Examination for Plus One and Plus two Classes will be started from 16 Dec 2013

winter vacations from 24 Dec. 2013 to 2nd Jan. 2014