Dear Parents and students,

                                             It is great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

As Principal I am highly impressed by the commitment of the school and staff to the provision of an excellent all round education for our students. Our team is working together to promote the academic acheivements among our students . We beleive that each and every student has a gift to share with the world and we work hard to unlock their highest potential, we have high expectations of our students and of ourselves.

Principal Education is Recognized the world over as perhaps the most essential Public Service. Its effects can measure through assailment. Reforms in strategies of assessment as well as how it can be used to advance learning have been taken up time and again. One of the Keys to reform is to create parents and community support for the reform.

Child centred education as advocated by the Right to Educational is not Just about burdening students by assigning many more activities, tasks assignments and projects but by including them in teaching learning process. Children learn best what they do. The approaches such as based leaning, learning and group work rather than lecturing seem to work better with children today. As far as the role of a teacher is concerned it needs to change from that of a lecturer to a facilitator who develops the ability amongst students to participate in the teaching learning process to gain knowledge. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation of a child is a Major step in this direction.

Hard Work is the hall mark of success. Students should preferably get into the mode of reading books other than syllabus would set their thinking process in motion. Books relating to moral values and character building would lead to positive thinking.

Established in 1989 as a primary school with 33 students the institution grew with time under the able guidance of great educational visionary devoted & dedicated teacher. Sh. Sushil Awasthi. The institution is run by the Neugal Educational Society.

I take this opportunity to call upon all the worthy teachers and staff to adhere to their pursuit of hard work to make this institution the topmost education of the area. I exhort the students of the institution to follow the strict norms of discipline to make their own life richer and bring laurels to their parents as well as to the institution.

I hope you enjoy our school website as it provide lots of information about our school.

Aseem Awasthi