It is expected that the member of the staff, teaching and non- teaching will follow the code of conduct of H.P Education department and keep away from the habits of smoking and drinking and taking at all. It is the firm faith of the Management that life of a teacher should be observing the dress code. Teacher is role model for student.

Other Guideline

  • No unauthorized reading material is permitted to be brought to the school.
  • Punctuality will be insisted upon at all levels.
  • Student should conduct themselves in a dignified manner at all time..
  • Only the management can interpret, amend or change the rules and regulation of the school. These shall be final and binding on all students.
  • Any damage to the school property due to negligence will be recovered The school will not be responding for any injury or bonding harm sustained inadvertently by any school the normal school hours.
  • Date of birth of any child once entered will not be changed later.
  • This prospectus is deemed to have been read and understood by all concerned and will be binding on them the parents can seek information about the attendance/ progress of their ward everyday in the school authorities for any exigency during school hours.