It has been widely understood that classroom van section is academic subject to along can’t foster development in all areas or to help to develop life skills. The development of qualities such as self esteem, position attitude and life skill of creative and critical thinking problem solving and decision making. Managing stress and emotions require development of position and adoptive behavior over a pried of times the development I good physical Health, formation of position attitude towards other including environment and cultivation of limited values is possible only through learner’s involvement of life skill and co-curricular activities. To inculcate all those school has formed different clucks like :

  • Eco Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Health Club
  • Science Club
  • Literary Club and the club of its own kind Agile Club.

The Health Club

Physical Health & Fitness are required fir mental, emotional and intellectual growth of students. Research her prawn that physically fit students perform. Better in all other activities, other things being equal. They are more proclivities school Health club in this regard is doing well in all those spheres. Its meditation program Yoga, gymnastics, first aid Gardening etc.