*Achievement of school

1) School facilitates parents through teachmint to provide academic information and online fee payments.

2) Transport facility is provided at no profit no loss to maximum surrounded areas.

3) Ovens are fitted to provide hot lunch to children .

4) School is not charging annual charges after the Corona period.

5) In this session neglegible Hike of only Rs.10  is done in monthly fee.

6) Your suggestions are always welcomed to improve all round development of school and students

*Extra curricular activities of session 2022 and 2023

1) Celebration of sports day.

 Student participated in badminton, chess, carrom board, cricket, relay race, sac race, kho kho thread and needle race, lemon and spoon race.

2) Various olympiads are conducted throughout the year to prepare students for competitive exams.

3) Scout and guide  started in school which is equivalent to NCC.

In first year,  3 day  camp organised in school campus.

       Sanjivani  of class 9th got award of best scout & guide girl &  Prikshit class 8th got award of best  scout & guide boy. Best cadets will have opputunity to attend state & national level camps outside of Himachal. Students of class 5th -10th can join Scout & guide.

4) National service scheme  also implemented in school ,these activities introduce social & friiendly skills  among students. Students of  +1 & +2 can join NSS.

 School organise day camps in Village Kandi & village Bhagotla

* Various olympiads (Math Science GK English) organised in school

Toppers of English Olympiad

1) Soumya Awasthi class 9th

2) Pawani Sood class 9th

3) Kanishka class 9th

4) Harshita Bhatt class 9th

5) Mehak class 8th

6) Ada Gupta class 8th

7) Siona class 8th

8) Pranav class 5th

9) Kritika class 5th

Toppers of Science Olympiad

 10th class

 Shreya sharma

Diya Devi

Adutya Khaira

9th class

Arunima sood


Samarth Bhandari

Toppers of Mathematics Olympiad

Arushi of class 5th


* Bharat Vikas Parishad Bharat ko Jano quiz competition result

1) Soumya awasthi class 9th

2) Shreya Sharma class 10th

3)Siona class 8th

4) Kavya 6th class got participation certificates

* National group Song  of competitive

Competition was held on 17 october 2022

Student got first position in state level

Participants are Arunima Sood, Sanchita Pawani, Sanjeevani, Divyanshi, Harshita and Srishti of class 9th

* Avantika drawing competition was organized to develop cultural skills in students.

* School also conducted online quiz competition to enhance the understanding skills of students by collaborating with Zee wars.

* In science congress Kashish of class 12th reached the quarter final.

* CBSE result 2021-2022

1) 10th class 100%

2) 12th class 100% CBSE result

* 10th toppers

Kanika — 1st

Harshit Bhatt — 2nd

Tanvi Chouhan — 3rd

* 12th toppers

Ansh Pandit — 1st

Raghav Rana — 2nd

Shaily —3rd

2019-20  AVINASH SHARMA  Mr.SATISH KUMAR 1st. 91.4
2020-21  ISHITA DHIMAN  Mr.SANJEEV KUMAR 1st. 90.2
2020-21  RITIK KUMAR  Mr.KARTAR 1st. 89.0
2020-21  VANSHIKA DUA  Mr.BHARAJ DUA 1st. 91.8
2021-22  ANSH PANDIT  Mr.PANKAJ 1st. 94.2



Special Achievements Session 2018-2019

  • Shweta Thakur D/o Sh. Surinder Thakur of 6th standard  selected for Navodya School. 
  • Kartik Sharma and Rishad  of +2 Science  got 1st position in  Quiz Compition  organized by Vishab Hindu Prishad.
  • Chahat of +1 Science and Swasti of 8th Got 2nd position in Poster making compition  organised by Govt. Engineering College Nagrota. 

  Sports achievements 2018 to 2019

  •  Arjun Thakur  S/o sh.Aman Verma  Achieved  Gold Medal in Martial Art in District Lavel. 

Special Achievements Session 2016-2018

  • Rupali Sharma D/o Sh. Dinesh Sharma Selected in MBBS.
  • Nishant Chopra S/o Sh. Tarun Chopra of 9th standard Selected in Navodaya School.
  • Mansi Sharma D/o Sh. Manoj Kumar Sharma  of 9th standard Selected in Navodaya School.

Results for Session 2016-2017

  • Rupali Sharma D/o Sh. Dinesh Sharma:- 92%
  • Vishwajeet  s/o Sh. Sangeet Kumar:-  86%
  • Mithilesh Sankhyan S.o Sh. Ashok Kumar:-82.2% 

 Sports achievements 2012 to 2013

  • On 12th national martial art championship organized by CMATINDIA in Pathankot association with lions clubs international distt. 3210. Best performance given by our girl's students (best fighter girls) which were held from 19th Oct. to 21st Oct 2012.
Winners are-:
Sakshi Gold Medal shakshi
Prakarti Gold Medal prakriti
Tanuja Silver Medal tanuja
Sawan Bronze Medal
  • Our school also has organized card and poster competition on Oct 20th 2012. All the students from 6 to 12 participated in this competition.

Cultural Co-Curricular Achievement 12 Feb 2013

Vet fair Prize Winners wth Teachers

winners with teachers

Vet fair at Palampur (kangra Himachal Pradesh) 12 Feb 2013

  • Inter-school competition
  • Fancy dress competition
  • Quiz competition
  • Dance competition
  • Art Achievement
Winners are:-
Khushi Dhiman 3rd 5th
Anish Kaushal 3rd 9th Quiz competition Anish Kaushal1
Deeksha sood 3rd 11th Quiz competition
Simran 2nd 10th Dance competition Simran1
Suhani 1st 2nd Dance competition Suhani1

Art Achievement 12 Feb 2013

For best poetess (junior) in English literature in 2012 at New Delhi Awarded by Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam

Supriya kaur Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal.1

Session 2010-11

  • Atal (+2 Sc.) 89.2% S/o Sh. Dinesh Kumar Got admission in CSKHP Agri. University in Veterinary College Without any coaching.

Got admission in agricultural University.

  • Akshay (+2Sc.) 88.2% S/o Baldev Raj
  • Ayush Bhandari (+2Sc.) 80.4% S/o Naresh Bhadrai
  • Ankush (+2Sc.) 73 % S/o sh. Vijay Kumar

Got admission in Basic Science

  • Nicole(+2 Sc.) D/o Sh. Vachan Rana
  • Vikrant Thakur (+2Sc.) S/o Vinay Thakur
  • Ashil Chadha (+2SC.) S/o Sh. Mahinder Kumar
  • Om Prakash (10th Standard) S/o Sh. Jai Ram Got a mission in Polytechnical Kangra.
  • Shikha Sood(+2Sc.) S/o Vijay Sood Award Worth Rs. 1000 In all India Talent Search Examination.
  • Awards Under Dr. Ambedkar National Awards Scheme By Dr. Ambedkar Foundation Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to Below Studnets Amounting Rs. 60.000 each.
  • Rita (+2SC.) D/o Sh. Bratiya Ram Thakur
  • Atal (+2Sc.) S/o Sh. Dinesh Kumar
  • Vivek Rana (+2Sc.) D/o Sh. Devinder Rana. 2nd Rank in national Olympiad Test Examination.
  • Deepansh (9th Standard) S/o Sh. Santosh Kumar. 2nd Prize in Distt. Level Drawing Completion
  • Avantika (6th Standard) D/O Sh. Rakesh Kumar Award Worth Rs. 1000 in State Level drawing Competition at Shimla.
  • Kartik Sharma (5th Standard) S/o Sh. Suresh Sharma School Topper Gold Medal in National Science Olympiad
  • Muskan Dhiman (5th Standard) D/o Sh. Aseem Dhiman 2nd Prize in Fancy Dress Competition Organized by Red Cross Society.

Session 2009-2010

  • Rita Devi (+2SC.) D/o Sh. Bratiya Ram N.D.R.T Haryana (National Dairy Research Institute)
  • Sonia Sharma (+2 Sc.) D/o Sh. P.C. Sharma NIT Hamirpur
  • Ritika Bhatia (+2 Sc.)
  • D/o Sh. Surinder Nursing in .I.G.M.C. Shimla.