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Neugal Public School

Founded in 1989 and run by Neugal Educational Society, this school is an English medium Co-educational institution situated at Bindraban 3km from Palampur on Palampur –Nagri road over a large area of land , it offers salubrious environs conducive for both scholastic and co- curricular.

Day boarding has been introduced with aim of handing complete academic work, which does away with the concept of Home Work and Private Tuition. It leave the children and Private free from, after school tension, reducing with extra payment will retain book and exercise-book in the school, The school further is at developing the all around abilities of student to make them grow into balanced personalities.

Bindraban (Dist. Kangra) Affiliated to CBSE, Sch. Code 630128, Sch. No. 43111


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Popular Clubs

The club was formed aim on 25 may 2004 with the sole of making student, people a wove about the environment. The club organize varies actives like acerbating of word environment day Vanamahotsava, earth Day, campus, surrounding beautification. Cleat and clean week, the cleanliness of our traditional waters resources etc. students from all the classes are its member.
In order to inculcate over traditional values, life skill, and interpersonal relationship, effective communication Get along well with other, the Heritage club came into existence. The club organizes variene activities slated to our culture like celebration of regional festivals Lohri, sair, birthdays, of our great saints etc.
The Club off its own kind in school. The club and its member are different, different in all aenrp . the club is ( totally ) having totally English. Communicating members. The Club have its own gout which Decides and organizes of the students. Tracking Expedition, Picnics , dance drama, etc are some of its main feature.
Physical Health & Fitness are required fir mental, emotional and intellectual growth of students. Research her prawn that physically fit students perform. Better in all other activities, other things being equal. They are more proclivities school Health club in this regard is doing well in all those spheres. Its meditation program Yoga, gymnastics, first aid Gardening etc.